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Children are especially important to God. If we can reach the children at a young
age, we will be able to reach the community for the future generations.

Our annual Holiday Bible Club program started at a small church in Khayelitsha and
has been an exciting event for many children in Khayelitsha and Eerste River around
the churches we partner with.

The Holiday Bible Club consists of:

Worship Songs

Memory verses

Bible Teaching



We are now developing material we can share with churches so they can continue
with it on their own.


The word 'Tikvah' means Hope. In a lost world, where situations make life seems hopeless,
we find hope in our Father God, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. This is the message that
we want to bring to women who have lost all hope in humanity.

We spend one morning a week with a group of women who want to learn skills to allow
them to generate some form of income, but also women who just want to get together
weekly in a safe environment. While learning new skills, we share personal stories of
challenges, heartache, joys and victories. We encourage one another and help practically
where we can. These groups happen in different churches and communities.

The skills that are taught include sewing, beading, knitting, crocheting and crafting.

What the women make:


  • Handbags, shopping bags, toiletry bags, pencil bags

  • Necklaces, bracelets, earrings

  • Scarves, caps, gloves, baby blankets

  • Greeting cards

Most of the materials that are used are donated by people who do not need them anymore
or just want to support our ministry.




Every session is 3 to 4 hours long

SESSION 1 – Evangelism

Your Identity in Christ Series

1. Knowing Christ and how to share your faith
2. Forgiveness – what happens when a Christian sins
3. Spirit-filled life
4. Growing in your relationship with God

SESSION 2 – Discipleship I

Knowing God’s will for your life: Part 1 – Redemptive Gifts
How to pray – Changing the World Through Prayer

SESSION 3 – Discipleship II

Attributes of God
Knowing God’s will for your life: Part 2 – Walking in obedience by faith
How to lead a small group

SESSION 4 – Discipleship III

Discovery Bible Study methods
Teaching on the books of the Bible

Costs involved in these courses will be determined by the amount of material that
will be printed for the students.

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